We have long-standing partnerships with all major hotel chains across the United States and Canada, as well as partnerships with reputable boutique hotels in various regions.

Account Directors

Each of our clients has a single point-of-contact throughout their convention life cycle. These Account Directors have strong partnerships with hundreds of hotels across the country, and are involved in every step of the way. From pre-event activites such as site visits and selection and negotiating rates, to the day-day-day management of registration opening, and even the closing of the event.

Rate Integrity & INventory

We continuously monitor our contracted rates to ensure they are the lowest. Whether reviewing the hotels’ own website, travel websites and/or hotel rewards programs, we will not be beat. Equally as important, these rates are always displayed on each custom booking website for full transparency so our client’s can review the savings for themselves.

We also alert website visitors when inventory is low and when hotels sell out.

Combat Hotel Poachers

Every year there are 55 million scam hotel bookings…that’s nearly $4 billion in scammers’ pockets. We strive to protect conventions from having their attendees fall victim to these poachers.

We act quickly to warn our clients of any new or repeat poacher threats. But most importantly, we make sure that Expovision is legitimized as the one and only official housing partner for our clients. Poachers bombard attendees with spam calls and emails, so we make sure to respect their time with relevant communication.